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Trucking News

There is a high level of optimism for success in the coming year for almost all the carriers in the transportation industry; however there are also fears about some intrinsic factors which they don’t have control over, such as government policies and economical impact.

These major determinants dictates the industries level of sales and productivity in the past years therefore members are being critical of its effects and measures to ensure a higher level of sustainability and functionality.

One of the people who foresee a disaster in the upcoming year is the executive director of the Saskatchewan Trucking Association, with an economy of $803 million dollars in Canada, she doesn't see any significant improvement in the sector due to low economic improvement in the region

She said that “Small carriers are impacted by economic changes and I believe we will continue to see a contraction in the industry with more amalgamations and or acquisitions.”“It is a concern because if the industry continues to shrink we (will) see higher unemployment and more companies either selling or shutting down,”Ewart said.

Brison COO Fridfinnson differs in optimism, though he claimed that the year statistics shows that it’s not the best year for its members but forsee a positive change in the coming year, he highlighted the deals and policies of the American president Donald Trump as a reliable factor to better the industry for carriers in Canada.

“As everyone is trying to forecast and assess what this presidency is going to do, lots of rational people are trying to comprehend so many irrational statements,” he stated. “So there’s lots of varied opinion on it. Ours is a belief in the strength of sound business relationships that have been established between the countries over a lot of years.

Although there’s protectionist language that comes to some degree, we’re hopeful that the validity of the business relationships that do exist are going to be able to persist through that."

A lot of factors can come into play in the next year however the industry always thrives and bounces back irrespective of the economic and environmental brick directed towards it so be prepared for a wonderful career ride in the upcoming year.


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