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Truck Championships and Truck Driver Jobs

In the past the Provincial Truck Driving Championships were something that people looked forward to, however with enthusiasm at an all-time low it has now been cancelled for good. There were a lot of people campaigning against it being cancelled which seemed to show that there were still previous participants who wanted to be part of the Championships yet again. They petitioned and campaigned against the closure of the event and it was even promoted to try to drum up more interest, but the efforts were unfortunately in vain. 2017 will not be seeing another championship due to lack of interest.

In the past the driving championships drummed up a lot of interest and passion from drivers. It was a great way to promote the industry of trucking and allowed likeminded people to come together to celebrate how important the industry is to so many businesses and individuals ensuring an array of goods arrived on time to provide an on-going service to customers.

It didn’t come as much of a shock that the Championships were coming to an end after noticing a decline in interest over previous years. Similar activities had already been scaled back and other factors that impacted the trucking industry in Canada were also thought to be to blame. Another contributory factor to the Championships being cancelled included the fact that nationally there has already shown to be a lack of interest in the industry as a whole leading to a shortage of drivers to meet demand. With little interest in the event it unfortunately has now retired with 2016 being the last held with no views to try again in the future.

Although the Championship has been cancelled the STA has said that they will still have events that celebrate the importance of truck drivers to ensure they still feel valued. It’s also a way of attracting new truck drivers to join the industry by showing them how much if a difference they can make. One of the events is a barbeque for the appreciation of truck drivers that will take place in September to coincide with National Trucking week.

If the interest in the industry wanes further it could cause problems to other industries that need to supply to customers on demand and leave many without the goods and services they need to stay afloat. It’s a sad day to say goodbye to what was once a popular event that celebrated the good work that truck drivers do each and every day to ensure goods can be sold further afield than their immediate location. By the time people start to notice the decline in the goods they need it could very well be too late for some companies that will lose custom, income and eventually the business altogether. The special events raising awareness helped for many years to bring in new truck drivers and help current ones to feel valued and see how their job role made a difference. If more people do not stay driving trucks and change their career and new interest is not sparked the future looks bleak. Check out the Armellini Logistics website at Truck Driver Jobs

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Texas Truck Drivers Named to 2017-2018 America's Road Team

America’s Truck Driver Association (ATA) has named 20 professional truck drivers, which included 2 from Texas, to the 2017-2018 America's Road Team. The selected drivers are welcomed as new members of the elite group of professionals who will also serve as ambassadors for the trucking industry.

Chris Spear, ATA’s President and CEO said that ATA is proud to select these respected drivers as the newest Road Team Captains of America and that they are thankful that they will continue to spread their stories throughout the country. He also added that the drivers’ companies, friends and families should all be incredibly proud of them for dedicating themselves to spreading a positive message about trucking.

Founded in 1986, America’s Road Team serves as an outreach initiative led by a group of professional truck drivers who have exhibited superior driving skills, outstanding safety records and a strong desire to spread the word about road safety. America’s Road team was also established to introduce the motoring public, the media and lawmakers to the trucking industry. Since the initiation of the organization, America’s Road Team has made significant impacts to millions of drivers in their pursuit to promote road safety, professionalism, and essentiality.

John Esparza, Texas Trucking Association President and CEO expressed his gratitude to the ex drivers and said that Texas is proud to have James Moore and Micheal Sheeds representing Texas and the trucking industry through their selections as new members of America's Road Team. He added that the association is grateful for the drivers’ dedication to safety and professionalism each and every day and they are as excited to see them recognized with this great honor.

The trucking industry plays an important role in the economy of Texas which provides one out of every 15 employments and renders transportation to up to 43 percent of the manufactured tonnage of the state. In addition, more than 80 percent of the communities in Texas largely depend on truck for the delivery of their goods.

The Pinnacle of A Truck Driver’s Career

According to Elisabeth Barna ATA COO and Executive Vice President of Industry Affairs, for many drivers, being part of the America's Road Team is the pinnacle of their careers. With their accomplishment of accident-free miles, serving countless hours in their communities and exhibiting the passion they have for their careers as professional truck drivers, these new Captains are outstanding examples of the professionalism that's become a distinct mark of the trucking industry.

For the next two years, the new America's Road Team Captains will be carrying a special mission while remaining as full time truck drivers in their respective companies. They will take a tour in North America and will spread words about the life of an American truck driver, the vital role that trucking plays in the delivery of goods and the importance of adapting a safety first mentality on the road.

The final stage for America's Road Team selection process was held from January 8 to January 10 in Arlington, Virginia. The finalists were judged based on their knowledge in the field of trucking industry, the ability to serve as the organization’s ambassador, commitment to road safety and overall safe driving record.


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