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The Coming Tech Comeback

If you are out there thinking that the tech industry fed the public only with propaganda and fake news, then you are definitely missing out on so much information. This industry had so much influence on the outcome of the US presidential election.

Automation is the start of every problem. It led to massive job destruction. This is what drove dissatisfied voters to support Trump. If the tech industry ignores this fact and goes ahead to act like everything is normal, then it will encounter a huge destruction and its ability to progress.

In the next 20 years according to statistics, a majority of the population will be jobless because 50% of the available jobs will be gone. This will happen due to automation which is quickly creating white-collar information work from the blue collar jobs. Another unstoppable destroyer is the climate change which is moving very fast to be the distractor of our time. Do not take offense in that.

By 2020, 50% of this occupation that you are struggling really hard to get to will be gone. Leave alone that, by 2034, 47% of jobs will be automated. This is according to the 2013 Oxford study. Out of all that, the jobs that will be lost as a result of trade will only be 13% leaving the rest of the percentage to automation. There is also another study which reveals that 45% of the activities of knowledge work can also be automated. It is known as the Mckinsey study.

There have been 94% of new jobs created in the economy gig since 2005. The jobs available are very unstable, leaving us with no paths in our careers. If you are happy driver driving for Uber, just know that as time goes by, your job will be automated, leaving you unemployed. Let's talk about Amazon, it has 270k employees. Most of these jobs will soon be automated. We have to realize that the economy's impact on Tech industry was to raise productivity but now, over the past recent years, productivity and wages are simply mark timing.

We shouldn't be debating on the future of work. We are all tilting towards automation without realizing that automation will only benefit a few but let us talk about it in another post.

At this time, we are at the fourth technological era of innovation. Today, we are not at the age of agriculture, industries, and information. Something has taken roots, machines and human intelligence. Let us call this a telegraph in the era of industrialization. Everything is becoming digitalized now, and again, we will talk about this in another post.

What about trucking? This is the canary in the coal mine. Truck driving is one of the most common jobs in the US. It is a reputable job that can sustain a family without so much education. With automation, the majority of the people will lose their jobs. Maybe this truck driver is from your family, let us think about your friend earning from Facebook, knowing very well that they are going to lose their jobs. What will they do about it? Leave alone what they will do, what do you tell them yourself? In the next 20 years, half the jobs will be gone. Now the question is, what should kids study now in schools?

I just need to be made to understand how politics see basic income as something real. Maybe there should be a fight or strike against technology because it is going to kill our jobs, the same way it was done during the industrial revolution era. 4-8 years from now, a politician will rise and point fingers at Tech industry as the number one enemy of progress. Somehow, Trump has done this already. With this, he will bear a comeback against this industry that will do nothing but to stunt progress making it his or her equipment of controlling far worse. The root of peoples' unhappiness will be as a result of Tech.

More time is still available for Tech. we only failed to account for the whole truth when social media was created. We only pretended that connecting people from all over the world was the best thing to do.

"Truth is, we are now at a very stressful phase of emergent democracy. By seeing all this happen, some of us who have still have hope is working on tools that can resolve the whole thing in order to fulfill all the believes that technology will advance democracy positively.

Tech should do good and grow because if it doesn't, only bad things will come out of it.


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  • Annual salary is above the industry average
  • Health insurance coverage (available 60 days after hire)*
  • Prescription insurance coverage (available 60 days after hire)*
  • Dental insurance coverage (available 60 days after hire)*
  • Vision insurance coverage (available 60 days after hire)*
  • 401K – Funds handled through the Principal Group
  • Vacation pay – Based on yearly road mileage
  • Yearly safety awards & bonuses
  • Safety bonus paid bi-annually and performance bonus paid quarterly
  • Mileage incentive bonus – Up to an additional 1¼ cents per mile annually
  • Driver referral bonus
  • Pay on HUB miles – Above the industry standard of practical or zip code miles
  • Late model air ride equipment – Tractors and trailers are all air ride
  • State-of-the-art communications – Qualcomm MCP100 with electronic logs
  • Uniform allowance – Available 90 days after hire and then annually
  • Predictable home time and monthly income
  • Florida locations include Miami, Palm City, and Pierson
  • East Coast 3-5 day trips.  Midwest 5-7 day trips and California (Oxnard) 7-10 day trips.

*60 days start the 1st day of the month following your employment date.

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