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Killing jobs while saving lives

Self-driving is fast coming into reality and the earliest effects of this new wave of human ingenuity will most likely come in the form of companies trying to take advantages that come along with advancements in driving technology. Truck driving jobs in Miami are amongst the job markets that will be effected by these changes. The ways that the truck driving jobs in Miami and other truck driving companies will be affected are not always the clearest but one attribute that they seem to have in common is the elimination of the human being behind the wheel.

These companies are looking at the transition between humans driving versus some form of autonomous type driving. What this would look like depends on how the companies intend on implementing these changes. Being able to drastically cut down on the workload and some drivers may be able to drive the vehicles in a simulator located in an office or a cubicle.

The biggest reasons for changing to these autonomous vehicles being perceived as great for industry are not just the tremendous amounts of money they’ll be saving on labor but also the ability to handle these jobs in a much safer way than has ever been done previously. Truck accidents alone account for killing around 4000 people in the United States on an annual basis. Artificial intelligence is particularly useful when taking care of task that are really monotonous in nature that human beings tend to get bored of if they have to do them for extended periods of time this can lead to accidents and safety violations. AI also doesn’t demand pay raises, have to stop to stop for meals or complain about difficult weather while at the same time are able to receive information in ways that human beings just can’t, they can even see further and react faster than human beings.

Truck driving is one of the most common jobs in the country so for many people this new technology is not perceived as a good thing in fact it’ s a direct threat to many peoples middle class lifestyle. It’s a hard life that has the drivers on the road for as many as three to four weeks at a time and it pays a steady middle class income make no mistake though the life of a trucker is not just a job it’s an entire lifestyle. Luckily for the 2.8 million truck drivers in America even with autonomous vehicles creeping slowly towards the horizon, they’re not yet out of work. The demonstrations that people are doing with autonomous vehicles looks great and definitely shows advancements however, we’re still quite a ways away because the bar is much higher. You have to get the entire system ready for use by the public and it’s still a hurdle.

These challenges are unique to the autonomous driving vehicles and this puts us as human beings in a place where we have legitimately uncharted territory that we must explore and figure out solutions on how to deal with these challenges. The solutions we come up with may end up being just as unique as the challenges we face themselves. There are many are still where humans may still find themselves embedded into the truck driving system to take care of problems that autonomous vehicles just can’t handle yet or may never be able to handle adequately such as handling difficult city streets or chipping ice off of the undercarriage of a vehicle when traversing environments that have particularly adverse weather. Whatever the conclusion no industry at the end of the day will be completely devoid of human beings it’s really our roles with these organizations that will be changing.

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Benefits / incentives

  • Annual salary is above the industry average
  • Health insurance coverage (available 60 days after hire)*
  • Prescription insurance coverage (available 60 days after hire)*
  • Dental insurance coverage (available 60 days after hire)*
  • Vision insurance coverage (available 60 days after hire)*
  • 401K – Funds handled through the Principal Group
  • Vacation pay – Based on yearly road mileage
  • Yearly safety awards & bonuses
  • Safety bonus paid bi-annually and performance bonus paid quarterly
  • Mileage incentive bonus – Up to an additional 1¼ cents per mile annually
  • Driver referral bonus
  • Pay on HUB miles – Above the industry standard of practical or zip code miles
  • Late model air ride equipment – Tractors and trailers are all air ride
  • State-of-the-art communications – Qualcomm MCP100 with electronic logs
  • Uniform allowance – Available 90 days after hire and then annually
  • Predictable home time and monthly income
  • Florida locations include Miami, Palm City, and Pierson
  • East Coast 3-5 day trips.  Midwest 5-7 day trips and California (Oxnard) 7-10 day trips.

*60 days start the 1st day of the month following your employment date.

Locations other than Florida available

**Solo driving positions also available, please contact a recruiter for more information**

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