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Earning more means less when costs rise

Truck driving jobs in Miami are a good portion of the economy and make a real impact on the people who works these jobs when it comes to their ability to remain members of the middle class. It’s a job that doesn’t require much formal education such as a bachelors or an advanced degree however it does require being certified to drive these tremendous vehicles. 18 wheelers are a presence when on the road weighing in casually at over 40 tons and that’s excluding the amount of weight that one of these vehicles are actually hauling themselves. For this reason you definitely want the people operating these vehicles to be well versed in there operation and not someone who just has an ordinary license to hop in and start driving.

For now the truck driving jobs in Miami and elsewhere in the United States are relatively safe. They’re absolutely key to almost any industry that has to have their product at different places all around the country and that makes it a very secure job to have but also one that pays pretty well for people who would like to start a career in truck driving. While the pay is good and you don’t need a large amount of education after high school in order to be qualified to drive these massive vehicles it’s not as if it’s an easy job. The people who drive trucks are tough people who are able to be on the road for several weeks sometimes before making it to their final destination. They’re leaving their families behind if they have them to travel the country while meeting the deadlines expected of them. They have to drive a certain amount of hours during the day or night in order to make it to destinations on time while still having to be concerned about the safety of themselves the other motorist on the road and safeguarding the freight that they’re responsible for delivering.

These truck driving jobs in Miami and across the country are the backbone of several industries but they’re not without they’re issues around 4000 people die annually because of accidents related to these vehicles and there is also forces that are working against the truck drivers and they’re jobs. Autonomous vehicles are the biggest potential threat to truck driving jobs because the nature of the job is driving.

The artificial intelligence that powers the autonomous vehicle technology just doesn’t have the same requirements as human drivers and it makes it more than a viable option that may slow down and eventually eliminate the amount of truck drivers that are hired. The trucking industry is one of those where the advantage for now is with the drivers. There are more trucks to be driven at this point than there are available truck drivers themselves. This is one of the reasons truck drivers are paid well. If the autonomous vehicles come into play as they surely will in the future the demand of truck drivers will shrink drastically and they may find themselves in a position where they can’t demand higher wages.

On the other hand autonomous vehicles are something that the companies love. Being able to slash there overhead cost significantly by being able to essentially ditch one of the most consistently large labor expenses is a dream come true to them. Not only that but these autonomous vehicles have the potential to do the job of trucking better than human beings without getting tired or demanding more in wages. There may be more jobs that humans do when it comes to logistics but they days of humans driving for weeks on the roads across the country to deliver goods may be coming to an end.

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Benefits / incentives

  • Annual salary is above the industry average
  • Health insurance coverage (available 60 days after hire)*
  • Prescription insurance coverage (available 60 days after hire)*
  • Dental insurance coverage (available 60 days after hire)*
  • Vision insurance coverage (available 60 days after hire)*
  • 401K – Funds handled through the Principal Group
  • Vacation pay – Based on yearly road mileage
  • Yearly safety awards & bonuses
  • Safety bonus paid bi-annually and performance bonus paid quarterly
  • Mileage incentive bonus – Up to an additional 1¼ cents per mile annually
  • Driver referral bonus
  • Pay on HUB miles – Above the industry standard of practical or zip code miles
  • Late model air ride equipment – Tractors and trailers are all air ride
  • State-of-the-art communications – Qualcomm MCP100 with electronic logs
  • Uniform allowance – Available 90 days after hire and then annually
  • Predictable home time and monthly income
  • Florida locations include Miami, Palm City, and Pierson
  • East Coast 3-5 day trips.  Midwest 5-7 day trips and California (Oxnard) 7-10 day trips.

*60 days start the 1st day of the month following your employment date.

Locations other than Florida available

**Solo driving positions also available, please contact a recruiter for more information**

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