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  • Trucking Jobs News -

    As of October 2016, the American Trucking Associations or ATA’s recorded advanced seasonally adjusted (SA) For-Hire Truck Index had decreased to 0.3%. ... Read More

  • Trucking Jobs News -

    In the light of the Republican-led electoral result, various lobbyists and the trucking industry groups could only hope that the Republican majority in Washington will lead to loosened policies and regulations. ... Read More

  • Trucking Jobs News -

    The Australian Trucking Association or ATA lauded the Veterans Employment Program. According to Geoff Crouch, who is the Vice Chairperson of the ATA at the Managing Director of Ron Crouch Transport, the Australian trucking industry will greatly benefit from the Veterans Employment Program. ... Read More

  • Trucking Jobs News -

    The American truck group believes the American president elect Donald trump will make America great again. ... Read More

  • Trucking Jobs News -

    Truck Championships and Truck Driver Jobs

    . ...Texas state senator Sylvia Garcia is trying to find a solution to a severe problem of human trafficking. She feels it has to be combated as soon as possible. ... Read More
  • Trucking Jobs News -

    Tiredness and Burnout with Truck Driver Jobs

    . ... Lots of people describe themselves as feeling burned out when the actual meaning of being burned out doesn’t actually apply to having enough of the job you are in or being tired from a long day. ... Read More
  • Trucking Jobs News -

    Truck Championships and Truck Driver Jobs

    . ...In the past the Provincial Truck Driving Championships were something that people looked forward to, however with enthusiasm at an all-time low it has now been cancelled for good. ... Read More
  • Trucking Jobs News -

    Women In Trucking In Florida

    . ... “I had a simple goal … to make it easier for women to succeed in this male-dominated industry,” says Ellen Voie, President and CEO of Women in Trucking, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this month... Read More
  • Trucking Jobs News -

    The Trucking Industry

    . ... “The roads are broken and they are getting worse and they are not going to get better unless we get a significant injection of money.” So says Governor Jerry Brown Jr of California, in reference to a new “Gas Tax” bill to raise funds from drivers to pay for repairs to the state’s roads... Read More
  • Trucking Jobs News -

    Trucking: Veterans Truckers

    . After a series of research performed by Omnitracs, it is confirmed that veterans have greater abilities as truck drivers in a variety of different ways. ... Read More
  • Trucking Jobs News - Creating Truck Friendly Communities. Municipal access and parking are two of the biggest challenges facing the modern trucking industry. Per Stephen Laskowski of the Ontario Trucking Association, communities should work with the trucking industry to entice business investments and jobs to their areas. Still, many cities are resistant to change their policies where freight trucks are concerned, making deliveries tricky at the best of times... Read More
  • Trucking Jobs News - Carbon Tax Crisis in Canada. As our climate is taking a turn for the worst, simple taxes have been implemented in Canada, mainly towards large manufacturing industries. These industries dump gargantuan amounts of carbon into the air every day.... Read More
  • Trucking Jobs News -

    Trucking Jobs Continue Upward Trend in October

    . September's initial report of a loss of 3,600 jobs was adjusted to reflect the actual gain of 1,800 total jobs by the Department of Labor in October. Growth continued last month with 3,000 trucking jobs added. October's gains mark a four-month growth streak for the industry, which is expected to continue through the end of 2016... Read More
  • Trucking Jobs News -

    Trucking Association

    . Noelene Watson, the previous sitting Chair of the Australia Trucking Association (ATA) which had its start in 1989 to represent Australian truckers, retired on April 5th, 2017. She will, however, remain on the ATA board as a voting councilor... Read More
  • Trucking Jobs News -

    Truckload Carrier Association

    . Mr. Rob Penner the President and Chief Executive Officer of Bison Transport has been named the chairman of Truckload Carrier Association, TCA for the 2017-2018 term... Read More
  • Trucking Jobs News -

    Health Care For Truckers

    . The members of the American Trucking Association (ATA), which was inclusive of the truck drivers and the CEOs of trucking companies, held a meeting with President Donald Trump to discuss the effects of health care coverage and any other issues of concern that the members might have had within their industry... Read More
  • Trucking Jobs News -

    Heavy Duty Trucking

    . The annual safety and compliance award will be presented at the Fleet Safety Conference in Schaumburg, Illinois on July 24-26. The conference will be held at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel. Spearheading the conference this year is Automotive Fleet magazine, Work Truck magazine and Heavy Duty Truck magazine... Read More
  • Trucking Jobs News -

    Trucking After Cyclone Debbie

    . Tropical cyclone Debbie has impacted ROADS and highways from Rockhampton and Townsville to Charters Towers. There are reports of roads being cut like Queensland towns of Bowen, Proserpine and Airline Beach. Also many spots have been severed on the Bruce Highways, which has led to authorities having to call for the constant monitoring from all heavy vehicle operators of all the above northern roads whilst flash flood and cyclone debris continue... Read More
  • Trucking Jobs News -

    Reckless Truck Drivers

    . How many of you have seen truck drivers who create dangerous situations on the freeway? It is a common problem on our freeways and highways. Inexperienced or reckless truck drivers believe that they can get away with illegal lane changes without hurting other civilians in regular cars all across the United States. Many truck drivers are driving behind the wheel with a suspended drivers license. That is a dangerous and irresponsible way to approach driving on the roads.... Read More
  • Trucking Jobs News -

    Truck Registration Plan

    . Rhode Island, a small state in the United States decided to pass the Rhode Works in 2016. It had an ambitious plan to create a toll area designated for trucks to register in the state of Rhode Island. The money that is collected from the truck registrations will go directly to the Rhode Island's highway maintenance. The estimated funds are expect to pump $1.1 billion directly into keeping our highways functioning properly... Read More
  • Trucking Jobs News -

    Women Truck Drivers

    . Times have certainly changed. I am sure that most people envision males to be driving large trucks on the freeway or highway instead of women in the United States. It is a great monumental change that women are the influential factor in driving large, industry type trucks in the Midwest. It is becoming a more equality based business that allows both men and women to drive trucks for a living. That is great. Women are allowed to drive trucks and work the same number of hours as men. There was a recent study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics... Read More
  • Machines Packing Serious Muscle Help Semis Over Sierra - Semi-trucks have a tendency to be heavy and haul a lot of weight. The Sierra tends to have horrible winter storms that pack ice and snow on the grounds. These two things create a recipe for disaster; a disaster that is known as stranded trucks.. What are Pusher Trucks Read More
  • The Trucking Alliance is a group of carriers that are concentrating on increasing regulations for safety within the industry. This year more freight transportation carriers are joining the ranks to get the word out there, because they too feel that there needs to be a higher importance for safety. Carriers Joining the Trucking Alliance Read More
  • The Trucking Surry Community College’s Truck Driver Program held its 11th graduation ceremony in October at The Yadkin Center. One hundred ten students have now completed the program that is placing graduates right into jobs with recruiters attending the graduations.Truck Driver Program Read More
  • Trucking Jobs News - When once of his friends suggested that he apply at the Truck Driver Institute, Davidson felt that it was his calling because his dad and two uncles also operated heavy machinery.Student wins semi-truck Read More
  • Trucking Jobs News - With the recent recession haunting the minds of many people and companies, the thought of another similar economic drop is a nightmare. To some it may seem like an unlikely scenario, since today’s economy is definitely in a much better place than before, but with the way the worlds sentiments are at the moment, it is not an unlikely scenario. Businesses Defying The Downturned Economy Read More
  • Trucking Jobs News -

    Trucking: Summary judgement by the COA for Truckers

    It came from the parents negligence claims after an employee had been given a contract from the Tipton school which had allowed her to drive her own bus instead of a bus directly from the district. An accident had occurred while Jennifer Edwards was driving her own bus in November 2014. Summary judgement by the COA - Read More
  • Trucking Jobs News -

    Truckers hard braking questioned

    Dash cams have become a necessity to our cars now just like our cd player and air conditioner. Drivers everywhere are getting dash cams put in their car, not to mention law enforcement have also got on the bandwagon and installed dash cams in their police cars. Dash cams are designed to capture accidents capture criminal offences and traffic stops.

    Truckers hard braking questioned- Read More

Benefits / incentives

  • Annual salary is above the industry average
  • Health insurance coverage (available 60 days after hire)*
  • Prescription insurance coverage (available 60 days after hire)*
  • Dental insurance coverage (available 60 days after hire)*
  • Vision insurance coverage (available 60 days after hire)*
  • 401K – Funds handled through the Principal Group
  • Vacation pay – Based on yearly road mileage
  • Yearly safety awards & bonuses
  • Safety bonus paid bi-annually and performance bonus paid quarterly
  • Mileage incentive bonus – Up to an additional 1¼ cents per mile annually
  • Driver referral bonus
  • Pay on HUB miles – Above the industry standard of practical or zip code miles
  • Late model air ride equipment – Tractors and trailers are all air ride
  • State-of-the-art communications – Qualcomm MCP100 with electronic logs
  • Uniform allowance – Available 90 days after hire and then annually
  • Predictable home time and monthly income
  • Florida locations include Miami, Palm City, and Pierson
  • East Coast 3-5 day trips.  Midwest 5-7 day trips and California (Oxnard) 7-10 day trips.

*60 days start the 1st day of the month following your employment date.

Locations other than Florida available

**Solo driving positions also available, please contact a recruiter for more information**

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